There have been estimates that employers can spend up to 7 minutes entering EACH employee timesheet. This doesn’t even include the time spent tracking down inaccuracies and problems resulting from late submissions or errors. Imagine those minutes multiplied by tens, or even hundreds of employees! That is a lot of time lost on time management that could be spent doing more important things for your business. So time tracking software is great for employers, but what about employees? As with any new implementation there can be resistance to new changes and ideas, and time tracking is no exception. Read on for how your employees may resist the change to time tracking, and what you can do to ease the transition.

Employee Complaint #1: I will forget to enter my time.

Any new system takes a bit of time to really take hold, and time tracking is no exception. If your employees have not been previously tracking their time, or using an outdated system, they may feel unfamiliar with the new methods. Eventually, clocking in or out will become second nature, and they won’t be able to start work without it. This is especially true if they need to scan in before opening work doors, and our barcode, magnetic, proximity and biometric time clocks can take the need to remember out of the equation. Never wonder again who is late, or who left early. Timeco’s timekeeping solutions automate the tracking to eliminate relying on employees to remember to manually clock in and out.

Employee Complaint #2: It is intrusive.

This is a common reaction that can be easily remedied through the passage of time. After a short time of tracking implementation your employees will just see it as another normal part of the workday.  If your employees seem resistant, you can reassure them that you are making changes for the good of the company as a whole, and that invasion of privacy is not your intent. If anything, especially if your employees get paid by the hours they work, you are wanting to ensure that they get fairly paid for every hour worked. Having each employee uniquely clock in eliminates any “buddy punching” or having to utilize other employees to verify if an individual was indeed working. If you have a job, something needs to be tracked to measure performance, and time is an easy way to start. Timeco wants to make sure that all of your employee’s hours are accurately tracked.

Employee Complaint #3: It is tedious.

Maybe in the past systems could be tedious, but with all of the technological advances, this is no longer the case. Time clocking can happen as you walk in the office door, and now can even take place remotely. Mobile access to time clock software allows your employees to clock in and out even when they are at home or on the road. Time clock software has never been easier, and your employees will enjoy all of the advances that have been made. Timeco strives to make the process as easy as possible for both employee and employer.

Employee Complaint #4: It will take time away from my work.

Our timekeeping solutions will do just the opposite! Keeping track of time has been shown to increase productivity, and Timeco’s system is so easy that it won’t interfere with your normal work routine at all. If anything, it can give a broader picture of exactly how much time is being spent working, and you will be able to modify your business plan around that information

Employee Complaint #5: I just don’t like it.

Well, you can’t please everyone, but you can make adapting to the new changes a little more enticing. Offering incentives for employees that quickly adhere to the new time software will make them want to quickly get on board. You could offer free coffee or lunches to teams who utilize the timekeeping software the most quickly, and encourage everyone to compete and utilize the new methods. At Timeco, we think that both employers and employees will quickly see how beneficial our time clock software can be.

Employee Complaint #6: My schedule is erratic/I don’t work in a physical building.

We have already touched on this, but you don’t need to have a physical clocking in at an office building to enjoy the benefits of Timeco. Our system works anywhere you have internet access, whether at home on your computer, or on the go on your mobile device. If you frequently travel, this creates an extremely easy way to stay accountable and make sure you get paid for all of the hours you work.

As you can see, there aren’t many complaints that can stand up to the innovation and ease of Timeco’s timesheet system. Employees can always be hesitant to implement new methods in the workplace, but by addressing their concerns early you can make the transition a little easier. Timeco continues to strive to deliver the best timekeeping solutions with the best customer service. Get a free demo today to see how Timeco can help your business!