Are you still asking your employees for paper receipts? There’s a better way.

While you will always need to track expenses, it’s time to upgrade to easier expense tracking. Whether it’s on your employee’s desktop, tablet or smartphone, TIMECO provides complete expense tracking for your enterprise, no matter how big or small.

We make expense tracking and reporting easy because we serve at least two masters: the finance department and the employee. Doing this well means providing not just accurate expense tracking, but also the capability to adhere to company policy and provide the tools for timely employee reimbursement.

Managers love TIMECO Expense Tracking

Managers approve expense receipts from employee’s timecards or from a batch expense approval process.

HR loves TIMECO Expense Tracking

Expense policies are enforced by restricting categories and rates by security rol e. Rules are applied to minimums for automatic approvals and receipt requirements can be effectively enforced.

Numbers Crunchers love TIMECO Expense Tracking

Expenses can be categorized, and subcategories created for analytics and reports in spending.

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