There might not be a group more resistant to timekeeping than creatives. In an agency that employs creative thinkers and problem solvers, there may be dozens of projects they are juggling at one time, multiple clients, and a lot of brain power going into the process and design. Creatives often look to the end product, and the client’s satisfaction with that product, to legitimize their work—not necessarily the hours put into it. All of those projects and all of that time spent designing and thinking leave little motivation or mental space left for reconciling time cards at the end of the week, or worse, the end of the month. Lost billable hours are just money out the door, and there is a solution! Read on to see how even creatives need time tracking solutions, and the best ways to track time spent on projects.

Simple Solutions

Okay, we’ve already said that creatives are busy, well, creating, and don’t want to be bothered with what they would consider pointless paperwork. If you are having them manually write in hours worked on particular projects they are going to feel frustrated, and feel that their time would be better spent doing what they do best. They didn’t sign up for a job entering data after all! If you provide an easy solution to timekeeping, like Timeco, you give them a way to painlessly record their hours without losing their creative streak. Don’t make your employees feel you are adding more to their workload. Choose Timeco to spend less time entering data and more time creating.

Get Online

Creative people are usually ahead of the pack when it comes to new technologies and innovation. That’s why if you present them with a paper stack of timecards and a pencil they are going to understandably be upset. If they are on the computer all day long it only makes sense to give them an online timesheet system that is streamlined, efficient, and useful for modern workplaces. Paper timesheets easily get lost, are environmentally wasteful, can be illegible if not filled out neatly, and someone is constantly having to remind people to fill them out and turn them in. Most people hate filling out paper timesheets, and then someone else has to read them and input them into some sort of system to generate paychecks. Timeco is an online timesheet system that eliminates the need for wasteful, messy paper timecards and brings order to outdated timekeeping systems.

Go Mobile

Not only should you be sure that you have an online timekeeping system, but you should have one that is mobile-friendly. More than ever before, workplaces are not confined to the traditional office building, but are giving people the option to work from home, collaborate in cowork spaces, or use various areas of a workplace to get projects done. Your creative staff might not always be at their desk, but they are sure to always have their phones on them! If you have a timesheet system that works on a mobile platform, you are giving your creative employees an easy way to always have access to their timekeeping apps. This ease of access is a sure way to increase compliance and happiness with your timekeeping. A mobile solution also allows for easier tracking in real-time, instead of waiting until the end of the day, week, or even month to try to remember what was done. Plus, having mobile access just shows that timekeeping is in touch with modern technologies, still applicable, and easy for your creative employees to use!

Give the Why

Just introducing a new system without telling your employees how it is helpful will probably be met with resistance. But if you can demonstrate to your creative employees the why behind time tracking, and how it can benefit them, you will probably be more likely to get them on board. Show them how they can use time tracking to more accurately quote future projects and how more hours tracked leads to more profits for the company, which can translate back into better facilities, professional development, and even pay for them! If you can help your creative team to understand why you are wanting to track hours (and that it is not just to spy on them!) they will adopt to the new system more easily.

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Set a Great Example

If you are the leader of a team of creative employees, walk your own talk. You can adopt time tracking first to be a great example to your team, and help them transition more easily. If they see how seamlessly time tracking can fit into their work routine they will be motivated to try it as well! When leaders pave the way other employees respect the changes and can even be excited to try them! So implement time tracking from the top down!

Timekeeping solutions for creatives do exist! Timeco offers an online time clock that can be accessed from your work computer, home computer, or even on the go on your smartphone! If you thought that your creative employees couldn’t possibly want to use time tracking, think again! Contact Timeco today for a free demo!