What businesses can benefit from time clock software? We won’t leave you in suspense, the short answer is almost EVERY business! If you are self-employed and have no employees, that might be the only case where you won’t need a dedicated time-tracking solution. But if you are employing even a handful of employees, it is imperative that you have the structure and organization of reliable time clock software. Read on to see how online time clocks can help many different types of businesses.


If you have a photography business that travels to take pictures, your employees are often on the go and not in a traditional office. Whether your employees are travelling to weddings to capture couple’s special day, or real estate photographers waiting for the perfect twilight shot to capture a property, they are on the go constantly. Tracking time can become tricky, especially if they are trying to remember exactly where they drove, how long they were there, and if they had to buy any equipment or materials necessary for the job. For photographers that are always on the go, even weekly recaps of their work flow can be challenging, and mistakes are sure to be made manually recording their time. Time tracking software that can be accessed from their phones makes this task easier and more accurate. Let your photographers focus on capturing the perfect moment, not remembering their hours!


If your office is a salon or barbershop, you may think it will be easy to track time. However, most busy salons have employees who work very different hours, and irregular days. Their hours one week may look nothing like their hours the next, and keeping track of all the hours and clients can become a chore. Eliminate this stress by utilizing time clock software that lets them excel at their passion of cutting hair, and not be bogged down by unorganized time tracking.

Lawn Care Professionals

If your lawn care business has taken off, congratulations! There are more and more people being employed in this industry, and they are responsible for making residential yards, business grounds, golf courses, and more as beautiful and green as possible. This is an on-the-go job, with your workers possibly starting their day at a central office, but probably driving directly to their job site. If you want to be able to track their time throughout the day, you need a solution they can access through their smartphones, one that is easy and intuitive to use. When your employees come back from a long, hot, sweaty day of yard maintenance, the last thing they want to do is think about the hours worked, lunches taken, or breaks. Let time clock software help eliminate the stress of tracking the hours of your lawn care employees.

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Editors and Writers

If you are employing freelance writers and you need to track their time, don’t leave it to their best guess. When you are writing all day at home, in coffee shops, or part-time at an office, you want to focus on your craft and not be bogged down by the monotony of time tracking. Utilizing time clock software helps to free up your freelancers to do what they do best. Tracking hours worked, even if they are between 3 and 5 in the morning, is easy and accurate.

Construction Workers

Managing a busy construction company can be overwhelming, and even more so if you are not using a good method of time tracking. With many employees going to job sites, keeping track of everyone’s hours is just not possible. Breaks, lunches, and time spent on the job site need to be monitored, but how can you have your eye on everyone at once? The answer is an online time clock that can make this easy, and keep track of your workers as they are on the go.


A busy hotel is filled with a huge variety of workers, all probably at different pay scales and probably with different exemption statuses. How to keep track of all of these employees with manual time recording becomes a problem as a busy hotel grows. It is imperative for great customer service that your employees are where they need to be at the time they are scheduled, and how will you keep your eye on everyone? You need a time tracking solution that can easily manage and record your employee’s’ hours, instantly classifying them and ensuring that everyone is accounted for.

Healthcare Workers

A busy hospital, clinic, or other medical facility needs to have the right staff in place for the scheduled hours. Knowing exactly who is on the premises in a busy medical practice is important as well, and time tracking software that can be viewed remotely by a supervisor is essential. Especially in critical situations, where being late could severely impact a sick or injured individual, time tracking can ensure that your employees are there when you need them. Punching in and out is made easy with the right time clock software.


A busy retail business has a large staff with employees coming and going over the day. Keep track of everyone with intuitive time tracking software that keeps everyone accounted for. Lunches and breaks can be easily viewed, which is especially important when those breaks need to be rotated continuously. A busy retail business has enough to deal with, tracking inventory and sales, and time tracking shouldn’t be a stressful part of your business.

Virtual Employees

If your employees work remotely and do not come into a physical office ever, you need a good way to monitor their hours worked and give them something to be accountable to. Time tracking software is the answer, and allows them to punch in and out even if they never enter a physical office building. View your virtual employee’s punches, approve them, schedule time off, and more, with time clock software that is perfect for remote workers.

Warehouse Workers

A large warehouse makes it easy for employees to feel invisible, and perhaps try to utilize buddy punching to shirk their shift responsibilities. Bring straightforward time clock software into the mix, and make recording punches a daily part of the workday. The anonymity of a large company can make employees feel less responsible for their hours, but time tracking solidifies that hours worked are hours paid, and gives an easy way to find those hours.

Can you see how having a reliable time tracking solution can benefit almost every business? Across many industries, the accountability and accuracy that a good system brings can save you time, money, and help you organize your business. Timeco is proud to offer superior online employee time clock solutions that can help your business, whatever industry you may be in. Contact us today for a free demo!