We’ve talked about how time tracking can benefit an employer, but what about employees? It turns out that time tracking is great for employees too, even if they don’t realize it. Hearing that your boss is going to start tracking your hours can feel restrictive, invasive, and overwhelmingly negative, but in reality it is extremely beneficial for employers and employees alike. Read on to find out why time tracking is so great for employees!


Even if your employees feel that a new system will be too complicated, the truth is that utilizing time tracking software makes keeping track of your hours easier. Whether you are used to using paper time cards, or you have to manually enter your hours into a computer system, utilizing a time clock that can automatically log your hours, from anywhere, is extremely easy. Once your employees see how easy it is, they will never want to go back to the outdated system you had before.

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Have you ever wondered if you are remembering all of the hours you worked over the last two weeks? Do you find yourself forgetting to clock in every day and realizing that those minutes add up to lost wages? The most important part of a job for most employees is their paycheck, and they want that paycheck to be extremely accurate. Tracking every minute worked is easy with time clock software, and ensures that employees get paid for the work they have done. If you are an employee who wants to know that their paycheck is accurate, time tracking software is the way to go. Gone are the days of duplicate entries, illegible handwriting, or wondering if you wrote down the right hours. An accurate time tracking system makes payroll accurate as well. Employees will appreciate a workplace that takes time tracking seriously, and uses a system that is accurate and results in a correct paycheck.


Employees want to be treated fairly, and nothing is more frustrating than feeling like your coworkers are not working as much as you are while still getting paid the same wages. Watching coworkers take long lunches, come in late, and leave early can leave people feeling like the system is not fair. This can result in decreased company morale, and a sense that the organization and oversight of the company is lacking. Utilizing a time tracking system that records times in an out of work allows employers to see exactly who is working when, and to compensate them for those hours. Biometric time clocking solutions eliminate buddy punching, where one employee has another worker clock in and out for them. Seeing deceptive employee actions like buddy punching can really discourage those employees that are trying their hardest, and time tracking software allows all hours to become completely transparent. If you want your employees to feel that their workplace is fair, utilize an accurate time tracking solution to know exactly what hours are being worked.


Along with fairness, employees can feel that traditional time tracking doesn’t offer the flexibility to match their job descriptions. If you travel for work, or take on projects that vary in their difficulty, you might feel that just clocking your hours does not accurately represent your efforts. Or it might be difficult for you to track your hours if you are always on the go and you envy your coworkers that are in a physical office. Time clock software allows for mobile access, and on-the-go time tracking! If you are a remote employee or a travelling salesman, you can feel your hours are not valued because they are never fully tracked. Using time clock software can give your employer a complete picture of all of your efforts. If you are paid at different rates for different jobs, it is easy to designate the rate using time tracking software. Employees appreciate the flexibility that an online time tracking solution provides both in the office and on the road.

Provides Accountability

Employers need access to their employee’s hours for payroll and job performance assessment, but employees also want accurate, up-to-date time tracking. Using an online time tracking system allows both employers and employees to access their hours anytime. This is great for productivity assessments by both workers and management, and allows employees to feel in control of their hours and their paycheck. If there is any question of the hours worked, an employee can feel empowered to have easy to use tools and resources available to figure out any discrepancies.

Increased Job Satisfaction

Every job can require a little extra work from time to time, and many employees are happy to put in hours that are recognized. Time tracking allows employers to reward those employees that really go above and beyond with their hours and efforts, and this can make employees feel appreciated and valued. This recognition can be good company-wide, and can lead to increased job satisfaction. Time tracking allows employers to see when many employees are working overtime, and can adjust the workload and expectation as necessary. Only with accurate time keeping can employers spot the trends that could indicate that a change in the work expectation needs to take place, and if the workload is kept in check it results in happier employees. Every employee wants to work somewhere they feel valued, recognized, and that their hard work is appreciated.

So don’t think that time tracking is just a benefit for employers! Employees benefit in so many ways from accurate, easy-to-use time tracking solutions, and will experience greater job satisfaction as a result. If you are looking for an online employee time clock that can increase accuracy, fairness, accountability, and is still flexible—Timeco is for you! Request a free demo today!