Timekeeping software can really help your business! If you have been on the fence about whether you need timekeeping software, it is time to read on to discover the many benefits. Timekeeping software streamlines and simplifies timekeeping, and leaves more time for other crucial parts of your business. There will always be obstacles in the business world, but you don’t have to let timekeeping be one of them!


Everyone thinks they will remember if they left an hour early, or came in before work to get a headstart on the day. Once the day is done, there is little chance you will remember what day you came in early, when you stayed late, or if you took a longer lunch. There are enough things to focus on as an employee, and remembering your hours shouldn’t be one of them. Fifteen minutes here or there may not seem like much, but fifteen minutes late from lunch just four times equals an hour of lost work! Conversely, coming in fifteen minutes early four times would give you that extra hour of pay! Timekeeping software can free up your employees to focus on what is important, while still logging the necessary hours. Don’t wait until the end of the week, or the month, to try to reconcile employee timecards, let time clock software help you organize! Every minute can be tracked when you use an online system.

Focus and Productivity

Tracking hours can make projects and deadlines more attainable, and give your employees a sense of urgency regarding their work. Knowing that online time clock software is recording their hours can make the workday seem more important. Time clock software can put very clear parameters on work that needs to be completed, and help ensure it is done in a timely manner. If your employees are running behind on tasks, knowing that their hours are being tracked can help them reevaluate their work habits and prioritize what needs to get done. Help your employees focus with time clock software!

Remote Workers

If you have employees who work from home, drive for work, or have frequent off-site meetings with clients, it can be hard to accurately track their hours. Time clock software is the answer, and with online logins, your employees can access their time punches from their home computer or mobile phone. You won’t have to worry that your remote workers are not completing the necessary amount of hours, with time clock software you will have a clear picture of all of their punches. Even the playing field between on-site and remote workers by having everyone utilize timekeeping software.


Some companies bill their clients based on the number of employee hours worked for them. How can you expect to accurately bill if you have no idea how many hours were worked? A quick way to lose a customer is to overbill them due to timekeeping errors. On the other hand, if you are not tracking hours, you may be undercharging and not even know it. Timekeeping software allows you to have complete transparency with your clients regarding hours worked. Get your timesheet in line and help organize your billing as well.

Understanding Workflow

Without timekeeping software, you may not really know where your employee’s hours are going. Time clock software can give a larger picture of the business as a whole, and point to where employees are spending their time. Projects and tasks can be rearranged as necessary to help those employees who need it, while having in mind larger goals. You can also more easily spot inefficiencies in your company through timekeeping software, and where time is being wasted.

These examples are just touching on the many benefits of time clock software. You can really improve your business, and get a better overview of your business, by utilizing time clock software. Timeco is proud to offer online solutions in time clocks and attendance, labor tracking, scheduling, timesheets, and more. Our solutions can integrate with payroll and HR systems, and we provide ongoing support. Don’t let the inaccuracy of traditional timekeeping hold your business back. If you are ready to make a great change for your business, contact Timeco today!