When we talk about geofencing, what do we mean? Simply put, this technology creates a virtual perimeter utilizing proximity-based zones. When a mobile device such as a smartphone enters the perimeter, GPS tracking solutions can track their movements and log when and where the device exits the perimeter.

At Timeco, we’re proud to provide a wide range of customizable geofencing options. A few of the more common applications we offer are:

  • Fleet management — With a tap on a screen, you can track fleet vehicles as they head toward their destinations, as well as check to see if they aren’t following a regular route.
  • Financial services — In seconds, you can crack down on possible fraud by confirming if cardholders are spending outside their home location.
    Security — If an employee attempts to enter a zone they aren’t cleared for, administrators and supervisors can be alerted immediately.
  • Asset management — From its origin to a spot in transit to its eventual destination, shipments can be tracked in real time and the efficiency of your supply chain can be improved.

More than three decades of experience means we can easily create geofencing for a building, neighborhood, region, person, or even specific Wi-Fi access points. To learn more about how we can help your business, contact us online or by phone today.